May. 8, 2015

Memórias e Mementos de Mamãe

Moonlight up-down stairs routines
and dancing laundry machines
Afternoon telenovelas e cafés
and nightly solitaire and Marlboro smokes
So many funny sleepwalking stories
from the oldest to youngest, even pai
Roupas sewn with many agulhas
through her tried and true arthritic thumb
Mochilas e bolsas sewn together
from manchas coloridas of faux leather
Backyard jardim de legumes
tomatoes, scallions and squash
Visitas from her precious deer friends
and excited calls to crianças
to witness these beautiful beings
Front yard medley of marigolds
monarch butterflies and beehives
Danças de samba na cozinha
to Prince's Little Red Corvette
as she made Brazilian quibes
Orange wrap around pink rollers
in her long jet black cabelo
Shimmery green eyeshadows
and patone of red batons
Abraçãos e beijãos tattooed
all over minhas bochechas

Brazilian Portuguese glossary:

abraçãos- slang for big hugs
agulhas- needles
batons- lipsticks
beijãos- slang for big kisses
bolsas- handbags
cabelo- hair
cafés- literally coffees but a play on words
to mean afternoon breakfasts (cafés de manhãs)
coloridas- colorful
crianças- kids/children
danças de sambas- samba dances
jardim de legumes- vegetable garden
mamãe- mom
manchas- patches
mementos- mementos
memórias- memories
minhas bochechas- my cheeks
mochilas- backpacks
na cozinha- in the kitchen
pai- short for papai, dad
quibe- fried/baked croquette usually made w/ bulgar
wheat, minced lamb & other ingredients; kibbeh dish
introduced to Brazil by Levantine immigrants
roupas- clothes
telenovelas- soap operas
visitas- visits

© Rossana Reis, 2015