Apr. 7, 2015

My Name Is Rossana

Learn to spell it
Learn to say it
sign it or write it
Learn the story or
meaning behind it
It is a sign of respect
If you anglicize it
you erase minha herança
you erase minha cultura
You not only dishonor me
but also meus pais e avós
who chose the name for me

My name is not Rosanna
nor Roseanna
My name is Rossana
spelled with 2 Ss and 1 N
It is an Italian variant of the
Persian, Roshan/Roshanak
meaning light, bright, dawn
My name has no relation
to Roseanna or Rosanna
which is Rose + Anna
Mia madre told me in Italiano
it sounds like rolled r +ow+sah+nah
Meu pai told me em Português Brasileiro
it sounds like h+o͝o+suh+nuh
Meus avós chose it because
I was born with copper-reddish hair
though it darkened over time
If you have a need unrelated
to an imperialistic attempt
to make me like you
you can call me Ro

© Rossana Reis, 2015