Apr. 3, 2015


If I find a magnolia tree
I scurry n scamper off
like it's the only one left
on this pale blue dot

I shriek with glee
like a quirky child
to pijama plática

I dramatically set the scene
to a long winded ass story
hook you with suspense
until we laugh n cry
and our bellies hurt

I shake my happy hips
to soulful samba beats
in my cozy kitchen
as I experiment with
first-time recipes and
polka dot my walls

I amorously paint my face
all the way to my tail
after several days of
down n dirty
playin n creatin

When all Netflix episodes
are generously at my disposal
I must preview the beginning
of the next 45-minute episode
because the sudden ending
of the last 45-minute episode
was a damn cliffhanger

During a 6.0 earthquake
I clutched to my most
prized possessions
my passionately painted
n mosaic'ed masterpieces
instead of gettin the hell
outta my multi-painted pad

On a torrential downpour day
I contemplated between holding
my dazzling red n white
metallic companion
my circular canopy of
carlina flowered cloth
and my freshly brewed
buttery n creamy coffee
I chose my umbrella
and hoped for
the best

© Rossana Reis, 2015