Feb. 12, 2015

Ode to My Love 2

Your gentle smile makes me feel
all kindsa wonderful inside

You smooch me endlessly
when I'm cranky with my crunched eyebrows

You wrap your arms around me
when I weep watching a five-handkerchief

You greet me with gratitude pecks on my neck
as I wash a pile of day old dirty dishes

Your love for me explodes exponentially
when I cook an exquisite cuisine of quibes

When I accidentally break glass into a million pieces
you sweep away my sighs

You soothe me with your sweet signs
Everything will be alright

Your gentle touches remind me
you are here, there and everywhere

You make my day
with sliced apples, cucumbers and tajín

You make me giggle with glee
when I finally lose the sweats or the robe

You float into the heavens with smiley eyes
when I kiss every inch of your face

You send tender loving messages
on the curves and bents of my back

You love fiddling with my feet
tickling, teasing and tugging my toes

I love canoodling with you
until we fade into the lily fields of faraway

© Rossana Reis, 2015