Jan. 20, 2015

You Mean

Disability as an adjective is uncool and unimaginative
All this ableist promotion conveying negative notions
does nothing to impress... all this does is oppress.

You mean unaware, oblivious or ignore
not blind, blind to, blinded by, turn a blind eye

You mean uninformed, ignorant or disregard
not deaf, deaf to, fall on deaf ears, turn a deaf ear

You mean outrageous, unreasonable or irrational
not crazy, nuts, mad, maniac, psycho, lunatic, insane

You mean illogical, meaningless, or pointless
not retarded, imbecile, stupid, idiot

You mean conscientious, meticulous or precise
not OCD and the like

You mean overly excited or awkward
not spastic or spaz

You mean inhibited or damaged
not crippled or disabled

You mean unconvincing or baseless
not lame or feeble

This list goes on and on
It would take all day long
Do not use disability in haste
or else you will have recklessly poor taste
Alternatives all over Tumblr
Check it out, quite a number
Let's get creative and meditative
It would be so much appreciated

© Rossana Reis, 2015