Jan. 8, 2015

What It's Like to Be Me: DeafBlind Disabled Queer Latina

Ping ponging between moving chatters
Gestures, gists, do I really matter
Protactile, captions, transcripts are grand
My whole consciousness and vision expand

A cobra, canary, cougar or cow
Making guesses out of cumulus clouds
Unless I am given a useful clue
Not sure what value and respect it's due
Image, video descriptions solve codes
Synapses fire, messages uploads

A restful night of sleep is a blessing
Awake with aches, I will not be dressing
Overwhelmed, sometimes to myself, I'm unkind
My muscles reeling behind my ambitious mind
Smiling, laughing, sun shining on my soul
Depth and meaning, I crave to fill my hole

Misread assumptions based on preconceived notions
Presuming I've not yet chosen or been chosen
I breathe, share space with much love and delight
Queer is a way of being, a birthright

During family festas, I feel unease
I studied English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Can they learn ASL, LSM, or LIBRAS
So we can have more bate-papos com vida?

© Rossana Reis, 2015