Personal Update

*Updated 2/17/22*

I am not available for presenting engagements. I am recovering from the effects of my own medical needs not being met as a multiply disabled DeafBlind person. I have no spoons for this.

For context from September 2021's post:

Birthday Wish: Happy Hands

For my upcoming birthday September 18th, I would like happy hands via Cashapp $RossanaReis or Venmo/PayPal @RossanaReis ( so I can hire assistance to allow my right hand to truly heal. Priority will go to hiring displaced Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened survivors/workers. In 2017, I developed a trigger finger on my dominant right hand. I tried both cortisone injections and physical therapy. I underwent surgery on Sept 18, 2018 to no avail. After several months of healing, I attempted to create art only to re-injure and have to restart physical therapy. My partner is also DeafBlind and is also limited in his capacity to support me. In 2020, the pandemic brought on new challenges as a DeafBlind multiply Disabled person. I am reliant on Protactile sign language communication and close contact connections. Due to physical distancing, I’ve been relegated to the keyboard. I am not able to take advantage of Siri and the like due to my Deaf accent. I also use a guiding cane. I would normally alternate hands when using a guiding cane to give my hands a break. With an injured right hand, this is not possible without causing re-injury. Before the COVID19 pandemic, I also utilized mental health counseling services with a Protactile sign language interpreter. Because of the pandemic, only virtual sessions were permitted and no Protactile sign language interpreters were locally available during this tumultuous time. Since then, I’ve sunken into deeper depression and became suicidal. In January 2021, my partner and I moved into a smaller apartment. A few months later, I re-injured my right trigger finger due to a freak accident during my sleep and a fall down marble stairs. Because these incidents occurred during the pandemic, my orthopedic doctor would not order an X-ray and instead only advised at-home physical therapy. Since then, my hand has never been the same. Cumulatively, this is all on top of my daily tasks of bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc. Meanwhile, a more contagious deadly Delta variant that emerged in fall/winter 2020 in India and was recognized by World Health Organization as a variant of concern by spring of 2021, made its way into US by summer of 2021. Feeling hopeless due to the realization I would not receive any accessible mental health services for another year or two, I opted to adopt an emotional support animal, Pax. It was the best decision I made and one that saved my life. Since August 2021, I have also developed a right trigger thumb and am unable to bend my thumb without causing excruciating pain. I am at increased risk for developing trigger fingers because I have Hashimoto Thyroiditis. I’ve attempted on several occasions to be seen earlier for X-ray, cortisone shots, etc. My earliest appointment is not until *October 19th, 2021* despite explaining that I need my hands to communicate and connect—to tactile sign, text message, navigate my surroundings, and create art, my livelihood.  I likely will also need surgery for my right trigger thumb, will need several months of physical therapy, and will likely also have to carve myself a different creative path. Thank you in advance for your support.

Much Love,


P.S. I do have Zelle and Apple Pay. Please email me at for this info. Thank you.